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In the last 15 years, the trailers - semi trailers transport has had an exponential development. In 2007 Gianesini performed more than 40.000 loads through all Europe.

The fleet consists exclusively in 13,60 meters length semi-trailers, tautliner and 2,55 meters width megatrailer available in all countries.


The versatility of these vehicles allows every kind of load, from 34 euro-pallets up to loads with cranes, moreover they are authiorised for ADR transport.


Our company has CEMT authorizations, which allow transports between third countries with vehicles of different nationalities.


Besides our own vehicles, we also use more than 400 different nationalities hauliers, offering punctual deliveries throughout the whole year. Our foreign hauliers and trucks keep in contact with us through our specialized and mother tongue staff. Both drivers and our personnel are always traceable, and some of the vehicles, can also be localized by satellite equipment.


We give a special attention to the insurance aspect , to quality and security. That’s why both owned and rented vehicles are periodically verified by the security personnel.

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