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Present since 1924 in the forwarding and transport sector, Gianesini is one of the major Italian reality in the east and west Europe transport field.

Ground transport 
Gianesini is one of the fist Italian companies in goods movements (ADR also) from and towards East/West Europe, using every kind of truck.. Our highly prepared staff offers you flexibility and precision in the service.


Silos and Tanks 
Gianesini vehicle fleet consists in tanks for dangerous liquids and silos for granulates and powders. Motor vehicles have permits for ADR transports classes 3,4,6,8,9.


Groupage Service 
Our rich network of East Europe correspondents, allows Gianesini door to door deliveries in short times, with multi-weekly departures at very competitive prices.


Gianesini Seair 
In order to speed up and enhance the service, also considering the kind of load, Gianesini opened new departments specialized in sea and air freight, which support and enrich our ground transport service.


Custom Service 
Since 1999 Gianesini is able to perform, with its highly qualified staff, custom formalities in domiciliare procedure . It also has a customs and fiscal warehouse (for VAT purposes).

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