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An adventure started in 1924

As for the other companies in Gorizia, it is the First World War, to bring to the Isonzo area Erminio Gianesini: the founder. He was born in Vigonza (a Padovan province) in 1889. After the end of the conflict he married Antonietta Travan, and moved to the new province of Gorizia, recently became Italian, principal town of the Idrian high valley. This locality, famous for mercury mines and celebrated laces, counted a little more than 5.000 inhabitants at the end of the Great War. The majority of them, was employed in the mining industry. On the 1st January 1924 , the individual company ''Gianesini Erminio'' opens in High Idria. The activity consists in commerce of wholesale alimentary and transport for third parties. This ends in 1926, to give life to the ''automotive company Gianesini Erminio''.


The transport of people on the Idria-Circhina line starts in this way. From the surveys dated 1930, we can read that the line had a length of 39 Km, and each vehicle annually perambulated for 56,940 Km. The cost of a ticket, in 1936, was of 4.50 Lire, with an over charge for Circhinia. In 1935 the goods transport is retrieved and managed by Arturo (Erminio’s brother) who also opened some companies in Idria. In 1940 Erminio builds a house in Gorizia (on the Corso street) , with a forecourt on the back for trucks and coaches, and a mechanic workshop.


On June 13 1944, during the war, some coaches are confiscated from Jugoslavian troops in Loqua They are going to be used by partisans on the Dolegna-Tribussa track, until march 1945, when Germans burn them. In 1947, with the peace treaty, most of Gorizian Province land, Idria included, goes to Jogoslavia.That() 's why the company Gianesini Erminio definitively moves to the town and, having lost bus routes toward Idria e Plezzo, it starts a new route from Gorizia to Udine.


In 1949 the company founds a groupage service between Gorizia-Trieste and Milan, and the following year it opens some agencies in Milan, Pordenone, Udine, Trieste, Treviso, Conegliano Veneto and Codroipo, setting up the limited liability company ''Erminio Gianesini autotrasporti'', together with the adult children. The brother() 's company ''Gianesini Arturo'' establishes in the same seat, continuing the transport activity until its termination in 1964. In the meantime Erminio and two of his children move to Venezuela with the remained coaches. There he gets for some years the concession for the Caracas-Maracaibo line, until a putsch compels them to return to homeland.


In 1959, they retrieve the ''Gianesini Erminio - Autotrasporti'' company. They specialize in national transport of chemical liquids and dangerous liquid goods (adr), also at high temperatures, with tanks.


In 1967 the company moves to the new seat of Via San Gabriele, where it is still located. Ten years after it transforms to the homonymous limited liability company.


In 1983 it gets the authorization to also operate as a forwarding agency, widening its own activity towards Central Eastern Europe.


In 1988, buying some autosilos , the company starts the transport of powdery and granular goods. The following year, with the Berlin Wall Fall and the opening of the eastern market , Gianesini expands towards this geographical area, serving it with normal semi trailer.


In some years, also thanks to its strategic location, on the Italian and EU border, Gianesini reaches over 350.000 annual tons of transported goods. It is focused on the Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Middle East service.

Today the representatives of the third generation have retrieved the groupage service, already instituted by their grandfather Erminio. They also approached the air freight and sea freight transports and, in the middle '90ties they opened two branches in Milan and Modena.


At the end of ‘90ties they enhance the custom services and today the company has a customs and fiscal warehouse (for VAT purposes).

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